• Straw Bale Construction

    Straw Bale Construction0

    Straw has been used as a building material for centuries. Many people worry a house made of straw may be flimsy or weak structurally. In fact the opposite is true, straw walls look and feel incredibly strong and comforting. Structurally it is able to support a two storey building, however used as infill on a

  • Guide to the RIBA Plan of Work for Small Projects

    Guide to the RIBA Plan of Work for Small Projects0

    The RIBA Plan of Work is basically a break-down of the stages a construction project will go through, taking you from its inception through to the building being delivered and even in use. So why do you need to know about it? Often when getting a quote from an architect they will reference the Plan

  • Greece's reform plan backed by creditors

    Greece's reform plan backed by creditors2

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